what is automation engineering – Know in Brief ?

What is Automation Engineering


Students wonder many times about what is automation engineering?  They do get confused when it comes to selecting a course in engineering. If you are really aware about what is automation engineering and how it works, you need not to worry about selecting a branch in Engineering.

We all know the current situations in the industry are leaning forward toward automation. People who are aware of it are willing to work for it by skill enhancement. For developing countries like India, Brazil, South Africa, China etc. the future is all about automation. From smart health care to smart factories automation is spreading in a wide range. Professional who are not willing to advance their skills may loose there jobs in upcoming future. It is very essential for any professional to know what is Automation Engineering?.

Automation Engineering is integration of different part of engineering that include software as well as hardware. So being a professional you can be an automation engineer by knowing various aspects of communication methodologies in your field of expertise. If you are from the field of Computer Science then Artificial Intelligence is the area in automation for you. If you are from the core branches like Mechanical and Civil the knowledge of SCADA, HMI with robotic integration is for you.

All the safety measures with machines need to be followed by Instrumentation engineer. Electronic and telecommunication experts need to be focused on PLC and IOT with communication up-gradation. Electrical Engineers are required to acquire PLC, SCADA knowledge to know about power distribution and fault finding in very easy steps.

All in all we can say that with in automation engineering blending technology you have to upgrade your skills other from the traditionally taught in the colleges. If we look closely on Siemens Mindspehere the technology is moving way ahead. Internet of things is going to be a communication method in most of the aspects of industry.