Top 5 Industrial Automation companies in the World

There are enormous Industrial Automation companies which are working in the field of automation. To operate machinery, these industrial Automation companies uses control systems, which help to finish a particular process. With Industry 4.0 automation machines, labor usage will be reduced. On the other hand, it also helps to enhance the quality, precision and accuracy of systems. Industries such as mechanical, airplanes, hydraulics, computers and many others have been using the automation.

Industrial Automation machines assist to simplify the tasks and they (robots) can be operated in the most dangerous situations where a man cannot be capable to do. This is the reason why they have gained a prominent place in the industries.

Here we have listed the top 5 industrial automation companies in the world:

  1. Siemens
    Siemens is one of the largest engineering companies in Europe, headquarter in Munich, Germany. This giant 170 year old company was started with only 10 men. From Dynamo machine to Mindsphere they are shaping the world of automation with Industries 4.0. The major activities of this company include infrastructure, energy, automobile and industry. This company stands for innovation, engineering excellence, and reliability. Siemens is a pioneer in infrastructure and energy solutions, as well as automation and software for industry. Being one of the world’s biggest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, this company provides laboratory diagnostics, medical imaging equipment, and clinical IT. From TIA to Mindsphere Siemens is stepping ahead with IOT.

The products that the company manufactures include:
•    Turbo compressors
•    Steam Turbines
•    High-voltage switchgear (circuit breakers, disconnectors and gas-insulated switchgear)
•    Switchboards
•    Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS)

  1. ABB
    ABB is the leading technological and Automation Company that provides innovating digitally connected and enabled industrial equipment and systems. ABB, headquarter in Zürich; Switzerland is popular for manufacturing robotics. ABB operated from more than 130 years, now working in more than 100 countries and employs around 132, 000 people. Their industries are utilized by industries such as Aluminium, Automotive, Buildings and Infrastructure, Cement, Chemical, Data Centres, Energy Efficiency, Food and Beverage, OEM and Panel Builders, Oil and Gas.

The product range of ABB includes:
Control Room Solutions
High Voltage Products
Low Voltage Products and Systems
Measurement and Analytics
Mechanical Power Transmission Products
Medium Voltage Products

3) Emerson Process Management
Emerson Process Management is an American Multi-national company founded in 1890. This Company headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, with focuses on electrical equipment. Emerson provides its services to industrial, commercial and consumer markets. This company provides automation services to empower industries to thrive and advance the industries. This company’s automation solutions collaborate with automation businesses to develop more complete solutions for customers based on industry experience.

Automation Solutions of Emerson Process management include:
•    Measurement Instrumentation
•    Valves, Actuators & Regulators
•    Solenoids & Pneumatics
•    Control & Safety Systems
•    Asset Management
•    Operations & Business Management
•    Electrical Components & Lighting
•    Precision Welding & Cleaning
•    Services & Consulting

  1. Rockwell automation
    Rockwell Automation, Headquarters Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States is one of the top industrial automation companies across the globe. Rockwell Automation traces its origins to 1903. It has offices in more than 80 countries worldwide. This company focuses on architecture and software segments.

Products of Rockwell Automation include:
•    Advanced Process Control
•    Condition Monitoring & I/O
•    Design & Operations Software
•    Distributed Control Systems
•    Drive Systems
•    Drives
•    Human Machine Interface
•    Industrial Control Products
•    Industrial Network Products
•    Industrial Sensors
•    Manufacturing Execution System
•    Motion Control

  1. Schneider Electric
    Schneider Electric, headquarters Rueil-Malmaison, France is a French-based MNC that specialize in energy management and automation systems. It provides both software as well as hardware. This company was born during the first Industrial Revolution. Nearly 180 years later, and through enduring dedication, expertise, and the combined strength of acquired businesses, it continues to deliver innovation at every level. This company employs more than 160,000 workers working under automation systems.
    Schneider Electric develops connected technologies and solutions to manage energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable.

These are the companies doing well in global platform. Next we are going to introduce top job creators in automation in next 5 years. Keep Updated with us with latest trends in education and training regarding automation.