What is Robotic Process Automation Salary in India?

Robotic Process Automation Salary In India

Robotic Process Automation Salary in India is divided into three major sections. Fresher level (Exp. from 0-2 years), Mid level (Exp. from 2-5 years), Senior Level (Exp. 5+ years). Although  robotic process automation salary is very lucrative for experienced engineers but understanding the patience you need to establish is much needed.

Fresher Level

Robotic Process Automation Salary at fresher level ranges from 15 K to 25 K per month in India.

Why Less Salary

  • The job that you get into initially,brings in local earnings unlike the field of software which fetches foreign currency and better margins. However with experience gained one gets the opportunity to work in a company which commands better sales and revenue.
  • In case you manages to join a company engaged in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) right after college, any possible revenue contribution by you is not possible within 0-2 years. This is mainly because expectation in the field is to learn robotics, Electrical wiring and trouble shooting, PLC, Communication, Switchgear, Instruments and Field control Hardware(various sensors) other than obviously the software programming. All this learning takes time. Till the time you learn, you are cost to the company.
  • In case you joins a company engaged in RPA right after completion of a training from a training institutes, i.e. you might have learnt how to use a programming software alone and not conceptual learning of robotic process automation as subject. Again, any possible revenue contribution by the individual is not possible within an year. In this case you are also a cost to the company.

Mid Level

The field of Robotic Process Automation will take around 2–3 years of yours in Industry to get a grip on. This is where your salary starts picking up. There are individuals who have started low and have scaled to 25-60 K  per month in 2–5 years into their careers. If you notice, at this stage salary becomes higher than a standard manufacturing industry professional.

Senior Level

There is high percentage of people who are getting high salaries 60-120 K per month after 5 years of experience. However people tend to freelancing and consultants and get more after 10 years of experience. Your time spent in the Industry will evaluate how valuable you are?

Conclusively ….the industry will pay good packages only and only if, you can quickly gear up in knowledge and relevant experience to generate revenue for a company.

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