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Modicon: Future-ready PLCs and PACs

ModiconTM is the first name in programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The inventor of the PLC, Modicon introduced the first PLC — the Modicon 048 — in 1968. This invention changed process design moving from complicated hard-wired relay systems to automation system reducing the time, effort, and cost previously associated with modifying a process. The following year, Schneider Electric helped expand the reach of Modicon technology worldwide.

Today, the Modicon Family continues to push boundaries and define the technology that enables and connects modern machines and processes. The Modicon Family of PLCs and programmable automation controllers (PACs) still stands for innovation, offering a full range of solutions to meet your automation needs. From HVAC/pumping to small automated machines to advanced machine automation, our robust offer of trusted automation solutions enhances machines and processes across industries

History of innovation. Future of possibility.

1968 Modicon invents the first PLC
1996 Modicon releases the first PAC
2003 Modicon releases the first web-embedded PAC
2009 Modicon releases the first all-in-one PAC
2013 Modicon releases the first ePAC
Today Modicon offers a full line of innovative PLCs and PACs

Modicon M171 and M172 PLCs

For HVAC and pumping applications
Maximize profitability and energy efficiency through scalable automation control using the Modicon M171/ M172 logic controllers. Available in three controller types:
• M171 — Optimized for simple and compact machines
• M171 — Performance for complex and BMS-connectable machines
• M172 — Performance for large and connected machines
Onboard and remote options; supports modbus serial, modbus TCP, BACnetTM, MS/TP, BACnet IP, and LonWorks

Modicon M221 PLC

For small to medium automated machines
Modicon M221 and M221 logic controllers are designed for simple machines.Available in two controller formats:
• Modicon M221 controllers offer excellent connection capacity and customization options
• Modicon M221 book controllers offer very small dimensions and a wide choice of connections
All programming, visualization, and commissioning are handled in just one intuitive free tool.

Modicon M241 and M251 PLCs

For advanced machine automation
Modicon M241 is designed for high-performance compact machines incorporating speed and position control functions; available in 24 and 40 I/O controller types.
Modicon M251 is well suited to control multiple machines leveraging dual channel communications for handling both upstream and downstream communications simultaneously; no onboard I/O and can utilize TM4 and TM3 modules for expansion.
Embedded functions minimize the machine cost:
• Ethernet with embedded web server function, CANopen® , Serial, and USB programming port
• PID control, eight high-speed counter inputs and pulse train output for motion control
• Execution speed: 22 ns/boolean instruction
– RAM: 64 MB
• Program: 128 K boolean instructions, DualCore CPU
– Flash memory: 128 MB

Modicon I/O modules

For use with Modicon M221, M241, and M251 PLCs
Expand by up to seven local I/O modules (digital and analog) and up to 14 with the expander modules.
26 digital I/O modules
• 24 VDC or 120 VAC inputs
• Relay or transistor outputs
• Sink and source modules
• Screw/spring/HE10 terminals
• 7I/16O/4M
18 analog I/O modules
• 12 bit/11 bit + sign
• 16 bit/15 bit + sign
• Very fast read/transfer time
(configurable): 1 or 10 ms
• 6I/4O/4M
• 4 TI

Three expert modules
• Transmitter/receiver
• TeSysTM Link
Five safety modules
• Light curtain/E-Stop
• Pressure pad/cable pull

Modicon M340 PAC

For small to medium process automation
The extremely powerful, rugged, and compact Modicon M340 PAC provides cutting-edge features and high-end performance in a small to mid-range applications.
• Open standards modbus, CANopen, modbus TCP, and Ethernet/IP
• Wide selection of discrete, analog, serial, and communication X80 modules
• Hardened hardware ratings for shock, vibration, and temperature
• Application backup and data storage using SD card technology
Onboard and remote options; supports modbus serial, modbus TCP, BACnet, MS/TP, BACnet IP, and LonWorks

Modicon M580 ePAC

For medium to large process automation
Scalable from a single rack system to a plantwide architecture, the Modicon M580 ePAC feature openness, flexibility, robustness, and sustainability. Available in two controller formats:
• Ethernet backplane offering 10x communication speed
• Cybersecurity ready with Achilles Level 2 certification
• Advanced functions with high availability services (CCOTF, Hot standby, redundant power supplies)
• Deterministic Ethernet communication with up to 1 ms I/O time-stamping resolution
• Large memory capacity of 64 MB RAM and optional 4 GB storage SD card

Modicon X80 I/O modules

For use with Modicon M340 PAC and M580 ePAC
Serving as a common platform for the Modicon M340 PACs and the Modicon M580 ePACs, the Modicon X80 I/O modules offer a common platform, a much smaller stock of spare parts needs, and significantly reduced maintenance/training costs.
• Configuration choices of over 80+ discrete, analog, communication, and expert I/O modules
• Expert modules provide for high speed counting, SSI encoder, and time stamping
• RTU protocols available for telemetry applications
• Hot swap modules allow for online modifications without stopping controller
• Ruggedized for use in harsh environments or extended temperatures
• Compliance with international certifications (ATEX, IEC, UL, CSA, etc.)

SoMachine software

Intuitive programming for industrial automation machines using Modicon M221, M241, and M251 PLCs SoMachineTM software, the universal, single-programming environment for automated machines, makes design and commissioning faster than ever before.

Features and benefits

• SoMachine software brings an innovative approach to machine design and is a proven, intuitive, and robust software development environment with ready-to-use applications and function blocks to assist OEMs in getting their machines to market faster with added value and benefits
• SoMachine software features an optimized user interface that brings critical tools and functions to your fingertips with intuitive simplified navigation
• The centralized app launcher allows easier access to training and technical information, simplification of programming, uploading and downloading your application
• Through embedded tools like WebVisualizations and Webservers, SoMachine software enables the user to stay connected everywhere via Ethernet to simplify machine integration and maintenance

Unity Pro configuration software

For complete automation systems using Modicon M340 PACs or M580 ePACs
One platform to fully develop, test, debug, manage, and maintain any size process application, UnityTM Pro easily imports existing programs and supports all five IEC 61131-3 languages.
Cut development costs and reduce downtime
• Easy-to-use graphical user interface
• Built-in library of pretested application function blocks
• Advanced diagnostics controller simulator in the software
• Software backward compatibility and support all hardware firmwares
• Cybersecurity including access control list, audit trail, IPSec capability

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