CJ-Series Modular PLC

Fast and Powerful CPUs for Any Task
The CJ2 platform is a scalable architecture that allows you to pick and choose the CPU and I/O based on your needs. Depending on your application, you have the ability for advanced motion control, multi-network communications and small scale systems.

CS-Series Rack PLC

Fast and Powerful CPUs for Any Task
The CS1 Series gives you superior control performance and optimal power capacity to handle any application. The Series offers redundant CPUs, diverse I/O selection and wide variety of communication platforms to solve your control needs.

Micro PLC

CP1H CPU Units

High Performance Micro PLC
The CP1H series combines the compactness of a micro PLC and the power of a modular PLC. It is ideal for multi-axis positioning control and suitable for simple loop control.
The CP1H can be expanded with CP-series I/Os and supports up to two CJ1 special I/O units.

CP1L CPU Units

The Compact Machine Controller
The CP1L series offers maximum cost effectiveness within a minimal product footprint. It is ideal for stand alone machine position control, temperature control and multi-connection Ethernet applications. The CP1L is selectable from 10 I/O to 60 I/O, with select models featuring built-in Ethernet and analog inputs. Additionally, can be expanded up to 180 I/O using CP-series expansion units offering a variety of I/O, analog and communication options.

CP1E CPU Units

Easy, Efficient and Economic
The CP1E is an economy class micro PLC that satisfies entry-level requirements for basic applications. Select CPUs from 10 I/O to 60 I/O with basic expandability

CP-Series Expansion Units

Expand the Capacity of Your Micro PLC
A wide variety of expansion units that can be used with CP1E, CP1L, and CP1H series PLC.