Medium- to large-scale control

MELSEC iQ-R Series

A next-generation programmable automation controller (PAC), the MELSEC iQ-R Series incorporates a revolutionary high-speed system bus that improves productivity through advanced performance and functionality.
As the core for next-generation automation environment,
realizing an automation controller with added value while reducing TCO*

To succeed in highly competitive markets, it’s important to build automation systems that ensure high productivity and consistent product quality.
The MELSEC iQ-R Series has been developed from the ground up based on common problems faced by customers and rationalizing them into seven key areas: Productivity, Engineering, Maintenance, Quality, Connectivity, Security and Compatibility.
Mitsubishi Electric is taking a three-point approach to solving these problems: Reducing TCO*, increasing Reliability and Reusability of existing assets.

As a bridge to the next generation in automation, the MELSEC iQ-R Series is a driving force behind revolutionary progress in the future of manufacturing.

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MELSEC iQ-R Series


The first to incorporate the multiple CPU architecture, the MELSEC-Q Series wide-range of CPUs enables control of multiple operations, improving the performance and scalability of the overall production system.

Current production requirements are calling for an increase in productivity and carrying out production processes even faster due to an increase in production information such as production results and traceability.
The MELSEC-Q Series programmable controller “Universal model QnU” is a leader for these market needs. High-speed basic instruction processing on a micro scale dramatically increases your system and machine performance.
Inheriting the high robust and ease of use design of the Q Series, the MELSEC QnU programmable controller will open up new possibilities in automation solutions.

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Small- to medium-scale control


The MELSEC-L Series is a baseless highly scalable controller ideal for applications having limited space. With various I/O functionality embedded into the CPU head, exceptional cost versus performance is achieved in a compact body.

L Series Features

【 Convenience that fits in the palm of your hand 】

The L Series is a compact-class controller, part of the MELSEC products renowned for exceptional cost verses performance and strong reliability.

It provides the performance, functions, and capabilities required for today’s demanding applications in a small package.

MELSEC-L Series greatly expands the range of functionality traditionally associated with compact programmable controllers and through user-centric design, pushes the limits of ease of use.

【 Ideally configured to satisfy the applications requirements 】

MELSEC L Series has been designed with three key concepts in mind.


Robust and trusted MELSEC product quality.


Enabling engineers and programmers to do their job as efficiently as possible to reduce costs.


L Series is a cost-efficient control system flexible to various applications, enabling an ideal system design.

Maximum Functionality

The CPU module contains a diverse range of control functions

A large variety of I/O types and features are built-in for convenience.

Due to an abundance of advanced functionality, L Series CPUs are flexible enough to meet a wide variety of needs.

Maximum Performance

High speed, large memory capacity CPU

The CPU has a basic operation processing speed of 9.5 ns*1 and 260K steps*2 of program capacity ideal for complex programs and equipment control.

*1: For L06CPU(-P), L26CPU(-P), L26CPU-(P)BT

*2: For L26CPU(-P), L26CPU-(P)BT

Maximum Capabilities

Advanced capabilities focused on improving efficiency

The user-friendly display unit enables routine operations to be made without a computer. An SD memory card slot*3 is included as standard for data logging and program storage. Write programs and manage L Series controllers using GX Works2 and iQ Works, the most advanced and effective software for Mitsubishi controllers yet.

*3: Included with L02CPU(-P), L06CPU(-P), L26CPU(-P), L26CPU-(P)BT

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Small-scale and stand-alone

MELSEC iQ-F Series

Designed to provide outstanding performance and superior drive control, the MELSEC iQ-F Series is a high-performance compact-class controller with a rich assortment of integrated functions.

Designed on the concepts of outstanding performance, superior drive control and user centric programming, Mitsubishi’s MELSEC-F Series has been reborn as the MELSEC iQ-F Series.
From stand alone use to networked system applications, MELSEC iQ-F Series brings your business to the next level of industry.

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MELSEC iQ-F Series


Incorporating abundant features with a flexible system configuration, the MELSEC-F Series has a power supply, CPU and I/Os into a single compact body. Furthermore, a diverse range of options are available to further expand its capabilities.

High functionality model (FX3U/FX3UC)

Faster, friendlier. Realize high expandability and high functionality.
Fom high speed control to network support and even logging is possible.
FX3 series flagship model FX3U and connector type FX3UC: 2 models are available.

Standard model (FX3G/FX3GC)

More advanced control for auotmation and networking.
Equipped with functions required for standard controls, and fit for various purposes.
Compact sized with the same performance, FX3GC is also available.

Basic model (FX3S)

Easy introduction to machine automation.
Simple functions and economical price in one package.
A basic micro PLC with expandability for analog and communication functions.

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MELSEC-F series

Mitsubishi PLC