ControlEdge PLC

ControlEdge PLC, when combined with Experion®, reduces integration costs for balance of plant operations, minimizes downtime through unified support, decreases risk with embedded cyber security, and lowers total cost of ownership through extended system lifecycle.  Experion and ControlEdge PLC leverage a common HMI platform, provide faster field device commissioning and improve device diagnostics

What Is It?

The PLC is part of the ControlEdge family of controllers providing unprecedented connectivity through all levels of process and business operations. It is one of the first controllers supporting Honeywell’s IIoT-ready initiative.

ControlEdge PLC Users benefit from an easier configuration, efficient operations, and reduced maintenance as the PLC helps liberate plant personnel from manual processes. Its use of OPC UA protocol and its built-in cyber security enable smooth integration to a range of instruments, equipment, and software. By offering Universal I/O, ControlEdge provides remote configuration and late design change flexibility for improved project implementation as part of our LEAP™ project execution methodology.

How Does It Work?

​ControlEdge provides an IIoT-ready open platform, enabling users to better leverage data across their assets. Interoperable multi-level and multi-platform open communication provides flexible and scalable design, enabling standardization with less hardware.

A common HMI for PLC and Experion means fewer operator and engineering stations, less hardware and wiring, reduced IT licensing, and less training with a common operator interface.

Embedded cyber security helps improve compliance and availability and reduce risk. Features include secure boot to prevent uploading of unauthorized software, a built-in firewall, and a certified secure development lifecycle to ensure security is built in from the start.

What Problems Does It Solve?

Honeywell can serve as your single vendor for all automation needs, including DCS, PLC, SCADA, Field Device Manager for asset management, and an HMI panel PC – all with seamless integration and support.

  • Faster system setup, testing, and troubleshooting
  • Flexible and scalable design
  • Standardization with less hardware
  • Investment protection and easier maintenance
  • Built-in cyber security
  • Seamless support
  • Reduced cost over the lifecycle.

​MasterLogic Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

​MasterLogic Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a modular, scalable rack-based industrial controller delivering powerful performance in a control application. It is applied in various processing applications in industries such as oil and gas, steel, cement, power, food and beverage and delivers a blend of power, performance and efficiency.​​​​​

What Is It?

​MasterLogic PLC is a pocket-sized industrial logic controller powered by a high-speed processor. It can operate in a standalone manner, in a peer-to-peer environment, or in a SCADA topology with Experion® HS. It features a wide range of components (the CPU, power supplies, discrete and analog, I/O modules, network modules, and racks) which are available in different modules to suit many different applications.

How Does It Work?

​MasterLogic PLC takes information from various sensors and uses it to control different machines. A reliable processor makes it intrinsically powerful, and all program instructions are executed at a high speed of 42 ns/step. A dedicated Ethernet-based I/O bus controller supplements the main processor in I/O refresh to achieve high speed scanning, and its redundancy feature ensure high availability, especially for critical applications. Available with standard functions, it also supports creation of new or user-defined functions. It works in a loop-based, user-defined program where it waits for input and output at predefined intervals, and can perform self-diagnostics for system errors and trouble shooting. Built on open network standards, this programmable logic controller is integrated with the Experion platform.

What Problems Does It Solve?

The superior performance of MasterLogic PLC enables faster discrete and sequencing control, while saving space and operations costs with its small and compact modular size.

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