Demco Automation : Automation Solutions Provider

Automation solutions is one of the most sounding term we can find in the manufacturing Units of USA. Here we are introducing one of the fast growing automation solutions provider in Quakertown. Though Demco Automation is not among the oldest automation solutions providers like Rockwell or Modicon, it has emerged quite well in last two decades.

Over two decades of Journey to automation solutions in manufacturing

Demco Automation has been delivering  manufacturing automation solutions to customers in the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, and the Pacific Rim since 1989. They have excelled their services range from providing entire turnkey automation systems to on-site service for existing equipment.

What they Offer

Demco Automation offer to design, develop and construct basic manufacturing cells, jigs and fixtures which are generally used for manual and semi-automatic assembly, machining services and other services related to simple and complex manufacturing environments.

Products Platforms of Demco Automation

When it comes in automation solutions Demco Automation provides various product platforms

  • Wedge Stations
Automation Solutions: Wedge plates Demco
Wedge Plates Demco
  • Wedge Base Machine Chassis
wedge based machine chasis demco
wedge based machine chasis Demco
  • Assembly Line
Assembly line Demco
Assembly line Demco
  • Controls in a Box
Control Box
Control Box
  • Untooled Robot Cell
Untooled robot cell Demco
Untooled robot cell Demco
  • Laser Marking Workstation
Laser nameplate marking
laser nameplate marking

Demco Automation develops advanced processes for these platforms that enable their partners to realize their experience and expertise in automation solutions. These products and systems drive the competitive advantage required in industry today.

The Demco Wedge® technology platform (patented) is also used in skill USA program which develops skill workforce to increase the productivity and to achieve high return on investment (ROI) with fully-automated processes. Which is only possible with a scalable, modular, and flexible platform for custom automated assembly processes with maximum flexibility in an ever-changing marketplace.

Potential Capabilities

Demco Automation is one of the fast growing full-service organization. It has proved itself with in-house electrical, controls and mechanical engineering, design, machining and fabrication, wiring and panel building, process development, installation and commissioning services and ongoing customer support.

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